Goal: Create more electricity generation to increase competition and put downward pressure on prices.

Every year, the State Government pays millions of dollars to power hospitals, schools and government services.

The government is using its buying power to make the local energy market more competitive and stimulate investment in the right types of generation.

New generation

New electricity generators will enter the South Australian market as a result of the State Government tendering 75 per cent of its electricity needs over the next 10 years.

It is anticipated this procurement will result in construction of a new privately owned generator in South Australia.

Increasing competition in the energy market is the best way to drive down power prices for South Australian households and businesses.

More dispatchable renewable energy

Energy that can be dispatched as it is needed helps to provide energy security. Large-scale storage transforms renewable energy into dispatchable energy.

As part of South Australia’s renewable energy transformation, the government is tendering the remaining 25 per cent of its electricity load to support dispatchable renewable energy initiatives.

The new contracts will commence on 1 January 2018.