Goal: Give South Australia greater local powers over national market operators and privately owned generators.

The State Government will legislate to ensure that South Australian energy users are not held hostage to unwarranted market behaviour.

The Minister for Energy will be given strong new powers to direct the national market in the case of an electricity supply shortfall.

Ministerial direction includes the ability to direct generators to operate and direct the Australian Energy Market Operator to control flow on
the interconnector.

This will ensure every available option is activated to maintain the state’s electricity supply in an emergency situation or when market forces fail.

Drafting of new legislation will begin immediately. The Minister’s power will be used as a last-resort measure if the national market does not act in South Australia’s best interests.

Local assessment of generation applications

South Australia will require applicants for new electricity-generation projects to demonstrate how they add to local energy-system security.

The State Government will give powers to the Office of the Technical Regulator to assess applications for all generators above 5 megawatts.

The goal is to add stability to local power supplies by requiring developers to include power system security services as part of their projects in South Australia.

This move is part of the state’s development of the next generation of renewable energy.

This will complement the Essential Services Commission of South Australia’s decision to strengthen licence conditions for all new generators.