Goal: Provide South Australia with a government-owned source of emergency electricity generation.

The State Government will build its own gas-fired electricity generator.

Due to the lack of clear national policy settings, investment in new thermal generation has stalled.

The generator will provide up to 250 megawatts of generation, which can be switched on in times of emergency.

At all times, the generator will make South Australia’s electricity supplies more secure by offering the inertia that is needed to stabilise local supplies.

This generator is a strategic future asset to unlock economic growth once the appropriate national energy policy settings are implemented.

The government will go to tender shortly to have the generator in place as soon as possible.

Temporary energy security measure

In the intervening period, the State Government will work with South Australia’s transmission and distribution companies to provide up to 200 megawatts of temporary generation.

This will provide generation for use over short periods in emergency situations where extreme peaks in demand create a shortfall that cannot be met in other ways.