It's time to take charge of our energy future

Tesla Destination Charging Opportunity

Under the Industry Participation Plan for the 100MW grid-connected battery, project partner Tesla Motors Australia Pty Ltd agreed to establish up to 50 new electric vehicle charging stations in South Australia.

To deliver this, we are seeking up to 50 businesses from across the state to host a new Tesla Destination Charging service on their premises. Preferred sites include but are not limited to: shopping centres, hotels/motels, restaurants, wineries, iconic tourism locations, and local council offices located near appropriate amenities. Suitable sites may be found in the city, metropolitan area and particularly in country locations.

Successful applicants will be chosen by Tesla for the quality of services offered whilst vehicles are being charged and for the contribution that the site would make to the overall Tesla charging network.

If selected, a business will be provided with two Tesla Wall Connector charging unit(s) free of charge, however electrical connection will be the responsibility of the business concerned.


Further information on the program including eligibility, selection criteria and frequently asked questions are provided in the downloadable Attachment.

Businesses interested in hosting a Tesla Destination Charging service are asked to apply by email directly to Tesla Motors Australia Pty Ltd using the form in the Attachment by the 19 January 2018.

Successful applicants will be notified in late January/early February.

Applications are open to 19 January 2018

Renewable Technology Fund

The $150 million Renewable Technology Fund (Fund) will support investment, through a series of grants and other financing, in the next generation of renewable technologies and demand management technologies which will improve the reliability and security of the South Australian electricity network, and improve affordability for South Australian consumers.

A key part of our Energy Plan, the objectives of the Fund are to:

  • catalyse private sector investment to support further integration of renewable technologies and demand management technologies in South Australia
  • collaborate with ARENA and CEFC in relation to investment opportunities in South Australia; and
  • fast-track South Australia’s energy transformation and improve electricity market competition.

Investment Guidelines

The Investment Guidelines for the Fund specify how these objectives will be achieved and provide guidance for proponents considering submitting a proposal seeking an investment from the Fund. In particular, the Fund may identify, assess and invest in Investment Opportunities in a number of different ways including in response to various Calls for Proposals.

Calls for proposals are now closed. Submissions being assessed.

Further Information

The Fund will be administered by the Low Carbon Economy Unit of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet with oversight from the Energy Plan Implementation Committee which was established to implement the Energy Plan.

Staff may be contacted via email or by calling +61 8 8429 5082 / +61 8 8429 5285.